Vortex Energy provide installation of various sustainable green energy solutions

Sustainable Green Energy Solutions | SOLAR HOT WATER

Solar Hot Water

South Africa’s geographic location means we have one of the world’s highest solar radiation levels, which equates to the possibility of extremely efficient solar water heating systems.

We offer solar water heating systems across the commercial and domestic markets, ranging from hotels and student residences, to high-end and standard domestic systems.

Sustainable Green Energy Solutions | Vortex Energy SHIP

SHIP (Solar Heat for Industrial Processes)

This particular field of solar water heating is rapidly gaining momentum in South Africa. As the name suggests, this technology is geared towards the larger industrial consumers of heat.

Solar systems can easily produce heat up to 400C if required and given our abundance of sunshine and the uncertain nature of our energy supply and cost thereof, this technology is becoming a very attractive alternative.

We have in-house design expertise in these systems and are able to offer the client an extensive upfront analysis of their facilities and the benefits such a system would provide.


Heat Pumps – Domestic & Commercial

Where site conditions or client requirements are better suited to the flexibility of a heat pump installation, we are able to offer a variety of solutions to match every need.

Heat pumps can provide water heating at a significantly lower cost than traditional heating elements. They are also able to offer this heating solution throughout the day or night.

Heat pumps can also produce large volumes of hot water efficiently, which is well suited to buildings such as hotels and hostels or where bulk water heating is required for commercial or industrial processes.

We also provide on-site service and repair of heat pumps.

Sustainable Green Energy Solutions | Vortex Energy Pellet & Wood Fired water heating

Pellet & Wood Fired Water Heating

Pellet and wood fired water heaters fill a very unique segment of the commercial and residential water heating markets.

Where electrical supply constraints prevent the use of more traditional water heating methods, pellet and wood fired boilers are able to generate both very high temperatures and high volumes of hot water.

The current pellet or wood chip market has matured to such an extent that pellet fired boilers can generate hot water at a similar or lower cost to other renewable water heating solutions.

Sustainable Green Energy Solutions | Hydronic Space Heating

Hydronic Space Heating

Hydronic space heating or water based underfloor heating is one of the most efficient ways of heating an indoor environment, being in a residential home, commercial office space or an industrial facility such as greenhouses.

Hydronic space heating consists of a network of piping laid under the floor and fed with temperature regulated circulated water.

The system can either heat or cool the indoor environment by transferring energy between the ambient air and the water in the piping, which is controlled by a thermostat in each room or space.

The benefits of using hydronic space heating are the level of comfort provided and its energy efficiency when compared to traditional electric floor heating.

A further benefit is that you are able to make use of a multitude of energy sources such as heat pumps, solar water heating and pellet boilers or a combination thereof to heat the water.


Thermally Activated Building System (TABS)

A TABS system is essentially a hydronic heating system, similar to water-based underfloor heating.

The main difference with a TABS system is that it is often applied to large multi-storey buildings, such as offices and the network of pipes are laid within the concrete structure.

Often piping is installed into both floor slabs and walls, to thermally “ activate” the structure, using the thermal mass of the structure to both heat and cool the indoor environment, to a required temperature.

Because it operates close to the required ambient temperature, the heating and cooling equipment is utilised in a very efficient manner, which produces significant long term energy savings.

We are able to offer a professionally designed TABS system, using advanced computer software, while collaborating closely with the engineering team, to produce a system meets the client's requirements.


Electrical Under Floor Heating

Often a client only needs to heat a small space, such as a single bathroom or bedroom and hydronic heating can often work out a bit too expensive for these small areas.

We are able to offer our clients a variety of electrical heating options, such as cut-in heating, glue-down mats and of course, under-carpet heating pads.

All systems can be fitted with thermostats and we are able to offer thermostats that fit into most commonly available switch gear.

Sustainable Green Energy Solutions | Vortex Energy Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting

We offer a variety of tanks, pumps and integrated designs so that you can use harvested rainwater effectively in your home or commercial premises.

We have partnered with certain filtration specialists to offer our clients the best technology available on the market. We are able to offer systems for virtually any application and at almost any scale.

All our installations used COCT approved components, to ensure compliance at all times.

Sustainable Green Energy Solutions | PHOTOVOLTAIC - PV SYSTEMS

Photovoltaic - PV Systems

Photovoltaic, or commonly known as PV systems, utilise the sun's light energy to generate usable electrical energy in single or 3-phase applications.

These systems have become more accessible to the domestic and commercial markets, due to the reduction in cost per kW installed, combined with the increase in electricity tariffs. This equates to a reduced return on investment period, making it a financially viable option.

These systems are available for grid-tied, backup or off-grid configurations, depending on the client's requirements.


Pool Heating

A pool adds value to a property and given the cost of maintaining a pool, it makes sense to use it as much as possible. A heated pool offers an extended swimming season or provides a comfortable water temperature in summer.

We offer both solar pool heating and heat pump pool heating for both domestic and commercial swimming pools.

Sustainable Green Energy Solutions | Vortex Energy Pool Filtration

Commercial Pool Filtration

Vortex Energy are proud installers of filtration systems for Virgin Active. We offer a professional end-product using reputable equipment and materials. Coupled with the correct installation know-how, we produce an exceptionally neat and well-planned filter room installation.

A well laid out filter room makes maintenance easy, which contributes to a healthy swimming pool.


Water Testing

Let us take the hassle out of testing water for you. We are affiliated with leading laboratories in the Western Cape and will come out to your location, sample the water and take it through immediately for testing.

We can offer a full chemical and biological analysis if required.

The biological test will check for things like bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. A chemical test only tells you what chemical elements are in your water, and how much.

Test your borehole supply, rainwater harvesting, or swimming pool water, so that you can make informed decisions about filtration requirements.

Use our maintenance booking form and stipulate “Water Test” under instructions. Also tell us if you want BIO, CHEM, or both.


Water Pressure Testing

Vortex Energy offers a comprehensive water pressure testing service, using state-of-the-art imported equipment. Our equipment is able to log the pressure and flow rate of any supply source, such as municipal fire mains, hydrants, or domestic water mains.

Our test procedure is carried out over 2 intervals, which is typically early morning and midday, or as specified by the client. After the test, we will download the results and send you a properly formatted report of the results.

Book a pressure test by using the booking form and stipulate “Pressure Test” under the instructions. We will contact you to confirm the arrangements.